What is Glow?

Glow is a programming language used to make decentralized applications, otherwise known as DApps. Its design goals are:

  • Safety: each newly implemented function is thoroughly audited so that a programmer using the Glow language or its associated toolset won’t have to worry about securing interactions between users.

  • User-friendliness: we want to make DApps mainstream, and Glow’s development team always aims at making it obvious what a DApp does or doesn’t, so users can ascertain that it indeed matches their expectations.

  • Portability to any blockchain: applications written in Glow can run on any blockchain, so unlike with previous tools, you don’t have to learn all the tooling specific to a single blockchain only to realize later the users you want will be on another blockchain. The same DApp will be able to use the resources of multiple blockchains at once, and meet the users where they are and wherever they will be.

In other words: what usually takes a huge number of lines of code, and many experts in various fields, has been automated and abstracted by Glow.